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2012-02-09 18:18:39 by Ulluhtac

I like the new redesign. now i can use real pics for stuffs.


2011-06-16 11:24:54 by Ulluhtac

Who has time to animate anything when you have a full time job, 2 small children, a dog, a cat, and World of Warcraft?

couple this with the fact that i cant draw worth a shit or program and what do you get?

If anyone actually reads this then i can do some voice acting but i doubt anyone will ever even look at my page in here anyways.

future stuff

2009-02-22 00:05:21 by Ulluhtac

Ok, to the two people... (what was that?.. oh.. ok then..) i'm sorry one person who cares, (lol)

I'm not a one hit wonder (though pinocchio was more of a slap than a hit) i will make more stuff..

When? not sure.. but i'm getting closer to not sucking every day, not litterally like kirby or something, but i'm working extensivly on my artwork and on a massive storyline simply known as "Neolystia"

And trust me, you will know when that day comes, the day that i shall shine forth with a gran- ok who the hell am i kidding? its not going to look so good it'll be in a movie theatre or nothing but i'm hoping i get some kinda recognition from my peers.

For anyone who is interested, (though i doubt highly that anyone will even read this) i'm willing to do voice acting for anyone, and i personnaly feel i do luigi, shadow the hedgehog, tails, knuckles, mickey mouse, and a large number of other familuar characters well. anyone that wishes to inlist in my services just leave me a PM, i check my mail alot.